koleno_zPain always indicates important changes in the body. Sadly, we mostly just try to eliminate the pain without paying attention to what caused it. Once the pain is gone, we tend to forget we ever had a problem, but sometimes pain reoccurs and then it is crucial to look deeper into the problem and find out what caused it.

Pain can be divided to acute and chronic pain. Both types of pain reduce the quality of life; the first one on a short-term and the second one repeatedly and on long-term basis. Nobody wants to experience pain, neither acute nor chronic.

Pain can be caused by many different factors and all of them can be very serious indicators that there is something wrong with our body. So if you feel any kind of pain, consulting a doctor is always recommended.

Wear and tear, illnesses, rheumatic diseases, injuries, as well as hard and intensive sports activities can all be a cause of pain. Sometimes pain is caused by a combination of different factors such as the absence of warm-up before training, weather conditions, wrong diet, dehydration, irregular breathing, bad posture etc.



The causes of pain are not always physical. Pain can also be caused by absence of happiness, fun, safety, peace and relaxation or too much worrying, anger, sadness, shocks and concerns; all these emotions can result in severe pain.

So appreciate your body and do not ignore pain! Find out what caused it! If necessary, see a specialist. Support the proper functioning of your joints with Flexovitalis products and move freely.