Collagen is a protein that is essential for our entire body. In combination with elastin it supports all of our internal organs, gives shape to our tissues and makes them stronger, flexible and more durable.

Lack of collagen causes early aging of the skin and wrinkles. On the skin, which is known as the largest human organ, changes can be quickly and easily spotted in the mirror. Visible changes on the skin motivate people to start using and applying nurturing cosmetic products immediately, but when the changes occur on the inside, in our joints, lungs and blood vessels, we can not see or feel them, until we start experiencing pain.

Enrich your body with extra collagen, so it can function normally. Adding collagen into your body will result in a more elastic skin, shinny hair, stronger nails and better functioning of joints, tissue, muscles etc. Collagen is strongly adviced after injuries, for it provides new cell structures and helps your body to heal.

Flexovitalis products offer collagen in two forms, in form of Collatal Ampoules or Collatal Powder. With Progel you can also nurture your joints externally.