General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the web site have been drawn up in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) and are based on written recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and international codes for web and e-commerce.

These general terms and conditions cover the online shop operation, user rights and business relations between the supplier and buyers, who will purchase products over

Hočevar d.o.o.
Savinškova ulica 2
SI-8000 Novo mesto
VAT ID: SI 24288853
PIN: 2020513000

Information accessibility
(legislation summary)

The supplier is committed to always provide the customer the following information:
a) company identity (name and headquarters, register number),
b) contact data, which allow the users to communicate with us quickly and effectively (e-mail, telephone),
c) basic description and characteristics of the offered goods,
d) product availability (each product or service offered online should be accessible within a reasonable time period),
e) delivery conditions (shipping method, location and delivery time),
f) all prices must be stated very clearly as well as the fact weather the prices include VAT and delivery costs,
g) payment method and delivery,
h) validity of the offer,
i) the withdrawal period from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal,
j) explanation of the appeal procedure including all data on contact person or the client liaison service

Order, confirming receipt of order and checking and confirming orders
When the supplier receives the buyer’s order, he immediately confirms the receipt of order. However, this does not confirm that the ordered goods are in stock or that the products have been dispatched; this is merely a notice to the buyer that his order was delivered and that the verification procedure on the availability of the ordered goods has been set in motion.

After it has been determined that the goods are deliverable the supplier e-mails the buyer an order confirmation with delivery date and implementation. The purchase contract between the supplier and buyer is entered the moment the supplier sends out the buyer’s order confirmation.

All prices on our web site are in euros and are VAT included, unless stated otherwise. The reduced price represents the deducted regular price at which the presented product is put on sale for a limited or unlimited time.

All prices stated in our online shop are the prices of products and do not include delivery costs. These prices apply only for products purchased online and are valid for the period when the order was placed, but have no predetermined validity. The prices are valid only if covered with one of the stated forms of payment. The pictures on our web site are only for illustrative purposes and do not necessarily reflect the actual state of offer.

Due to the nature of online business the offers stated in our online shop may vary. In spite of our constant effort to provide current and accurate data, the prices or data stated online can sometimes be incorrect. If the price or delivery status changes during the processing of orders, the buyer will have the right to cancel his/her order or receive another offer from the supplier, which is acceptable for both parties.

Consumer protection
Over the web page Hočevar d.o.o. sells goods to consumers only.

The supplier has the right to decline the online order in its sole discretion. The clients must be immediately informed that their order has been declined. Each declined order must be elaborated.

Payment method, delivery and costs of delivery
The goods purchased over the Hočevar d.o.o. online shop can be paid on delivery.

All purchased products will be delivered to the buyer’s address stated in the sent order by our delivery contractor, i.e. the Post of Slovenia (form here on referred to as: «deliverer»).

The deliverer will serve the goods directly to the buyer, which resides at the delivery address. The purchase price with shipping charges shall be paid to the deliverer. If during time of delivery there is no one present at the stated address the deliverer will leave a note in the mail compartment stating where (at which post office) and within how many days the addressee can claim his/her delivery. If the addressee does not claim the ordered goods within the period stated on the deliverer’s note the package will be returned to its sender.

The delivery costs for a single order add up to 3.50 EUR. If, however, the order exceeds 50.00 EUR the delivery costs (packaging, transportation, shipping costs) will be covered by the supplier.

The Post of Slovenia is charging the service RANSOM ON DELIVERY extra. This service costs 1.05 EUR if the value of the package is less than 98.00 euros or 1.07 % of package value if the package is worth between 98.00 and 501.00 euros or 5.36 euros for packages that exceed the value of 501.00 euros.

The delivery period is usually 2 – 3 working days. If the ordered goods are not in stock, the supplier will inform the buyer on the actual delivery date.

If the supplier dispatches the ordered products in due time, he cannot be taken responsible for any delays that may occur on the part of the deliverer.

Delivery of goods
If the goods are delivered by the Post of Slovenia, the addressee is entitled to accept the goods from the mailman at the given delivery address, as stated in the terms and conitions of the Post of Slovenia.

The buyer or the addressee shall check the amount and quality of the delivered goods on delivery.

The buyer undertakes that in case of any delays in delivery or a different mode of delivery, he will not claim any reimbursement of the costs incurred, such as shipment and delivery costs in form of claims for damages, civil actions or similar. He will, however, obtain all other minimal rights in compliance with Articles 23 and 24 of the Consumer Protection Act. All products that are in stock will be delivered to the buyer within 2-3 working days after the receipt of order. The ordered goods will not be dispatched on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Order cancellation
The buyer can cancel the order within 24 hours from placing the online order by sending a notice of withdrawal to the e-mail address.

In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act the ordered goods, purchased on distance (which also includes online shopping) can be returned without a reasonable explanation. Every buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 15 days from receipt of goods. The cancellation must be done in a written form and sent to the supplier’s e-mail address: The written note must include only the buyer’s statement, that he/she wants to withdraw from the contract; there is no need to state the reason for the withdrawal. The written notice must be sent within the stated time period so it would be considered handed in in due time. This period starts one day after the goods were delivered to the buyer. The only costs of withdrawal for the consumer will in this case be the returning costs of the received goods, which will be calculated according to the delivery service’s price list (The Post of Slovenia; the price depends on whether the goods are returned in form a shipment, package or cargo). The goods shall be returned to the seller within 30 days from the day the buyer sent his/her notice of withdrawal to the following address: Hočevar d.o.o., Savinškova ulica 2, 8000 Novo mesto. The returned goods shall be unharmed, unused and in unchanged quantity. If the consumer already started using the product or if single components of the product have been opened, a withdrawal from the contract is no longer possible.
The product manufacturer foresees also the original packaging (in compliance with Article 36 of the Consumer Protection Act). Since the packaging is an integral part of the sold product it must be returned with the product in the exact same state as it was found at the time of delivery (this means unharmed and in the same quantity).
The refund will be made as soon as the withdrawal procedure is concluded, but no later than 30 days from receipt of the notice of withdrawal. In order to assure certainty, accuracy, timely refund and tracking of payments, the amount can only be refunded in form of a bank transaction to the buyer’s account. Refunds in cash are not possible. We do not accept any shipments with ransom.


If you withdraw from the contract and return the received and purchased goods in time and we determine that the goods were retuned to us unharmed, unused, in the same quantity as delivered and in compliance with the law, we will return your money. The costs for returning the goods after contract withdrawal will be covered by the buyer. The paid amounts will be transferred to your account as soon as possible, not later than 15 days from receipt of your withdrawal notice and return of the purchased goods. When returning the goods make sure you didn’t forget to send us the original invoice, your personal data (name and address) and number of the current account you would like us to transfer your money to.

Declined orders
The online shop has the right to decline all orders the supplier could not assure under the terms and conditions the buyer has stated.

Preserving orders
The filed online order or sales contract will be preserved and archived at our company’s headquarters. At the consumer’s request a copy of the contract can be sent to the client’s e-mail or home address stated in the order. The application for a copy of the filed order can be sent to our e-mail address or by regular mail to our business address stated under contacts.

Hočevar d.o.o. provides quality products, however, if you received a product that does not met your wishes and needs, we will replace it with a different product or return your money. You can return the unharmed and unused product in original packaging within 15 days from your purchase to our address Hočevar d.o.o., Savinškova ulica 2, 8000 Novo mesto and we will return your money. You cannot return the purchased goods if the original packaging or safety seal have been removed or damaged or if the product has been used.

Recovery of damaged shipment
In case the package in which the buyer received the ordered products has been physically damaged, shows signs of being opened or if products are missing from the box, the buyer shall file a complaint at the Post of Slovenia. The buyer can do so by bringing the package to the nearest post office and present it in the exact same state he/she received it (without adding or removing anything) and by filling out a complaint form. In cooperation with the Post of Slovenia we will make sure that the complaints are processed and solved in the shortest period possible.

Privacy policy and data protection
The Hočevar d.o.o. company is bound to permanent protection of personal data. All data retrieved over the Flexovitalis home page will be used only for sending information materials, offers and invoices and for other necessary communication with the client. The user data will not be forwarded to a third party, except if this is requested by government institutions in a written request or order.

We require your data only to ensure a smooth realisation process of your order or to inform you about any potential changes regarding the order.

The delivery data comply with the payment information.

The Flexovitalis online shop chooses automatically, which hardware or software data it will retrieve from your computer. You can read more about this under Cookies.

Safe online shopping
The Flexovitalis online shop uses multiple security systems to assure proper protection from loss or misuse of data.

Hočevar d.o.o. is not to be held responsible for any consequences deriving from improper use of products purchased over the Flexovitalis online shop; if the products are not used in compliance with the instructions, the responsibility is solely on the consumer’s side. The entire content published on the web sites is for informative purposes only and shall be used as a source of general information; it cannot replace a consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

Hočevar d.o.o. is not to be held responsible for any service disruptions that may derive from the user’s improper conduct (e.g. computer problems, viruses) or infrastructural problems on the Flexovitalis web site (e.g. Internet connection problems).

Hočevar d.o.o. works in compliance with the valid legislation and constantly takes care of its users and buyers. We try to settle all potential disputes peacefully. Potential claims can be sent to our published contacts.

Hočevar d.o.o. tries to assure pictures, descriptions and instructions for each offered product. Despite the mentioned all product photographs published on our site are symbolic and the accessible text material is strictly informative. The buyer or user should read the instructions before using the products.

Complaints, disputes and applying of the law
The supplier acts in compliance with the valid legislation covering the area of consumer protection and strives to fulfil his obligation to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints and name a person the buyer can contact in such cases over the phone or by e-mail. In case of any problems the user (buyer) can seek help by calling the following phone number: +386 080 34 00. All complaints can be sent to our e-mail address: The complaint procedure is strictly confidential.

Within 5 working days the supplier will confirm that he has received a complaint and inform the user (buyer) how long he will need to process the complaint and will keep the client posted and informed during the entire procedure. The supplier will try to settle all potential disputes peacefully. If, however, this will not be possible, the disputes between the supplier and buyer will be settled by the competent jurisdiction, which is the Court in Ljubljana. The supplier and user (buyer) as participants in an online business will both confirm the validity of their e-mails in front of the court.

For these General Terms and Conditions and in case of any disputes between the supplier and user (buyer) the Slovenian substantive and procedural law will be applied.

For all relations, rights and obligations, which are not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions it is reasonable to use and apply the provisions of the Code of Obligations, the Act Amending the Electronic Commerce Market Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

Changing the general terms and conditions
In the event of changes in the rules governing the operation of online shops, data protection and other areas connected to the operation of online shops or in case the provider changes his own business policy and/or thereby supplements or modifies the General Business Terms and Conditions, he shall inform his users over the web sites of any such changes. All changes and/or modifications in the General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force as soon as the eight day term for publishing changes and/or modifications has expired. If changing and/or modifying the General Terms and Conditions is necessary for harmonisation with the regulations, these changes and/or modifications can exceptionally enter into force in a period shorter than 8 days.

Hočevar d.o.o. performs all its business activities in compliance with the Act Amending the Electronic Commerce Market Act (ZEPT) and regulations adopted based on this act.

When returning products to the supplier due to a complaint, you need to attach a copy of the original invoice for the returned products.
The goods shall be returned to: Hočevar d.o.o., Savinškova ulica 2, 8000 Novo mesto.
We recommend you to return the goods by registered shipment or by a delivery service that enables shipment tracking and properly prepare, protect and secure the goods from potential transportation damages. Sender always covers the shipment costs, unless agreed otherwise. We do not accept shipments with ransom.

Please inform us if you come across any faults or errors.