What is collagen?

Collagen is the cornerstone of our entire body. It does not only support our joints, but also our skin, muscles, soft and connective tissue. It combines the substances in our body, so it is very important that our organism possesses a sufficient quantity of it. Its effects can be felt and seen in form of greater joint mobility, stronger hair, nicer nails, improved skin elasticity and consequently less wrinkles.

Who can use the Flexovitalis products?

Flexovitalis products are for adults, who suffer from joint pain. Our target group includes first of all recreational athletes, the elderly and people, who spend a lot of time standing.

How frequently can I use the Flexovitalis Progel?

The Progel can be applied once or multiple times a day. For additional joint support you can buy the Flexovitalis Collatal Ampoules or consume the Flexovitalis Collatal Powder.

Should I choose the Flexovitalis Collatal Ampoules or the Flexovitalis Collatal Powder?

Both are high-quality German products. The only difference between them is in form of ingestion, so you should pick the one you find easier to consume.

Where can I get more information about your products?

Call +386 080 44 66 or write to us at: info@flexovitalis.com

Isn’t collagen only a fad?

The use of partially hydrolyzed collagen (gelatine) dates back to the Middle Ages, more precisely to the year 1175, when St. Hildegard wrote that the consumption of gelatine reduces joint pains and increases joint mobility. The first commercial production of gelatine goes back to the year 1685, when it was first manufactured in the Netherlands.

Do your products also kill pain?

Flexovitalis products do not kill pain, they support the structure of the joints from the inside. Collagen is namely the cornerstone of our entire body.