Collecting and processing of anonymous data uses a web analytics software, which helps obtain important results and information on our user’s requirements and expectations. These results can help us improve and provide better quality of our products. Every time you visit a new page or open a file, the following data will be saved:

– Anonymized IP address of the computer sending the request
– Date and time of access or sending of the request
– Name of the page or file requested
– Referral of the site the page was accessed from
– Browser type and version
– Operating system type

Collecting these data allows us to perform a statistical analysis. We do so without using any personal data, so that you as a user can maintain full anonymity.

Related to that, we also use cookies. Cookies are text files saved to the visitor’s computer, ensuring anonymity during visitor recognition.

The European directive does not apply to cookies, which are necessary for proper functioning of the page and cannot be turned off. If you wish to turn off the cookies, you can do so in your browser, which will forward your appeal. If you decide to use a different browser or device or delete cookies, you will have to turn them off again.